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I can be extreme because I am extreme.

You may think by looking at this website my God is this guy self proclaiming? No I am fucking not!! (Not this side of 1999 anyway). Yes, my DJ symbol or logo is boldly the cross or crucifix. I will state to you now that the only reason I can be bold with images and symbolism of Jesus Christ and Christianity is because I am bold with forgiveness. If you are extreme with forgiveness you can be extreme with Jesus Christ. Yes, I have found a way to forgive absolutely anything including Adolf Hitler’s murderous genocide, Jeffrey Dahmer’s cannibalism and necrophilia and Jimmy Savile’s rape and abuse etc. To reiterate, I can only be extreme with images and symbolism of Jesus Christ because I am extreme with forgiveness. Therefore, how extreme can we go with Christianity? You can read can’t you? Therefore, don’t judge me until you have read my entire essay. It will take you about 9 hours to read or about one entire day. If you want forgiveness for anything, and I mean absolutely anything at all, my essay can definitely help you.

Crucifixion is self defence.

If you read my entire essay you will see that the self defence of forgiveness is that anyone can say on TV: “I forgive Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile, and I think it’s about time that we all did. What are you going to do crucify me? Did you learn nothing from the Son of Man?”

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